“photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow to look into the future”

Hi, I am Marcin

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Hi! I'm a creative wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire, Corby. I combine a mixture of documentary, fine art and classic black and white wedding photography to create timeless wedding reportage... OK, you probably have read tens, hundreds of sentences like the one above... believe me, most photographers shoot in a creative, unobtrusive, natural, and documentary way but come on, guys... this is our job. Being creative is a must-have skill when it comes to photographing weddings. OK, on the other side, SEO engines force us to describe our websites in this way, so please, be patient ;) however, your main question probably is:

Why would you want to choose me over tens of my wedding photographers' competitors from Northamptonshire? 

It is the most challenging question that a wedding photographer can hear at the introductory meeting. And don't be afraid to ask this question if you want to see real emotions on a photographer's face... ;) That's why photographers tend to say: "Let images speak for themselves...".Talking about our photos and trying to "sell" our work to other people is difficult. Photographers these days are very creative and use professional equipment. They shoot beautiful pictures and have great personalities. Can you see my point now? If you like my work, you know what to do.... :)

My answer to this question is simple: I don't have to be the best-paid photographer. I don't want to be the most know photographer in the area. I'm not even good at managing my social media... I don't want to pretend anything. All I want is to do the work I love - creating natural & timeless wedding reportages so you, your partner, your parents, kids, and friends will appreciate it for years. I don't want you to pose or pretend to be someone else. I want you to be natural and forget about me. Just chill out, focus on enjoying your special day and let me document what is happening around you.

Would you like to find out more about me and my work? Be my guest, click the button below and start exploring my photography world... 


Stephanie & Craig

“"Working with Marcin was a pleasure. He met us for a pre-wedding consultation and was always quick to answer any enquiries. On the big day, he took some really lovely photos of our wedding. He was at the venue all day until late in the evening taking shots of our wedding party. This was exactly what we hoped for to capture the spirit of the day. Thanks very much, "Marcin!
Best wishes!"”

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My Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

Photography is a writing with light. It is capturing emotions and feelings that will last on the picture forever.

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